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About Me

You know how little kids are always asking questions? They ask so many questions and so often that it is obnoxious. I aspire to that level of questioner. The question of "why?" is possibly the best question we can possibly ask in any situation. Like most adults, I grew out of the incessant questioning when I was still quite young. ... er...not that I am no longer still quite young.

I have really made an effort to become an expert at questioning. It is through questions of others, but mostly ourselves that we find our own little universal truths. It is through questions that we create or change perspectives. It is through questions that we create or recognize our purpose. It is through these things that we seek self-actualization. And that is some pretty cool stuff.

I hope this knowledge helps you understand why your call will not be answered at 3am my time (and... "my time" is a rather fluid notion). It is also one of the reasons why I don't include my number on the site.

If you want to know me and my perspective better (a good idea if hiring a speaker or taking advice), click here.

I could make it sound like there is a team of us working round the clock. I've seen that done quite a bit. But it is just me, and just me seems to be just enough.

Infamous?  .... this is just a snippet. Go take a look... I'll wait.

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Real quotes from real people who really know me. I didn't even have to pay them... well, most of them.

Dachia (Pronounced Dah' sha). I have been a storyteller since the time I could talk, which was far too early if you ask my family. And I specialize in changing perspectives. If you are an event-planner seeking someone to fill your stage and the room, engage your audience, create a memorable and humorous experience,  then poke around and click one of the many contact buttons and start a conversation. 

If you are simply looking for any old speaker, I'd prefer you just moved on. I'm not any and I'm not old.

I'm not a typical speaker. I come from a long history in theater and a little in film. I am a performer with a message. I want to converse. I want to laugh and play together. I want to interact with the audience. I enjoy a room of up to a few hundred.  I can do more, but obviously with less interaction and playing with each other. My style is more conversational.  I want to deliver the message in the best way for that particular room.  I want people to leave me with a purpose and a drive. So, go look around and click a contact button. It will be painless.

If you are a regular Joe simply seeking yourself, you are very welcome here. I've been in your shoes... sandals, pumps or boots, and know what struggles I had to wade through.  I've tried to include loads of resources for you, including my blog. While I cannot promise it won't be painless, I can promise it will be worth it. I've designed this website to cover your needs, as well. 

Everybody is welcome to poke around as much as they would like. I have included as much information and resources as possible in order to help you succeed in self-actualization, gain some perspective, and embrace your purpose. Please be aware that I have a great sense of humor. I love sarcasm and I use it often and well. If you read something here that could be taken more than one way (as intended), assume the humorous way and move on. If you are easily offended, you should probably not continue from this point... and perhaps the internet is not a good place for you.

Yes, I would be giddy to share a quote for your article, write a guest post for your blog, contribute an article to your publication, or speak at your event. The best way to get in touch is via email. No matter where I am in the world I check email. You can also contact me via Twitter or Facebook. Please feel free to follow or connect anywhere you find me. I love being stalked by friendly people. I'm an open networker on LinkedIn. I'll accept all connection invitations... unless you come across as the unfriendly stalker type. But I think that is just common sense.

The form to the right is for anybody who would like to receive a newsletter that is fun to write and, I hope, fun to read, but could arrive every couple weeks or month and half. Don't worry about getting junk mail because of me; first of all, your email is already out there. And secondly, I'm far too disorganized to figure out how to make money by selling a list. I just love to write and share. As I come across cool stuff, I make a note and include it in a newsletter.

Your Decision...

I mean if you want to go through the rest of your life exactly as you are, and you have no time for a humorous and educational nudge on your perspective, I understand. If you think you need no more guidance in your personal pursuit of purpose and self-actualization, that's OK. If you change your mind, (certainly recommended), you can come back here and fill out a few simple fields and then wait patiently for something extraordinary to arrive in your inbox. 

Are you looking to hire a speaker for your event?

No matter what that event is, a humorous speaker experienced with different audiences is like icing on the French toast.... unless you don't like icing... or French toast.  

This is the before picture. You know... before the audience arrives. Before the food is served. Before the tall guy with the shiny belt buckle spills his Mountain Dew and that whole area becomes really sticky. Before you start quietly hoping that whoever counts the napkins and flatware after the event is accurate and comes up with the same as when it all started. I get it. You have enough to worry about. You don't need to be wondering if the speaker is going to show or not be able to relate to the audience. Sound concerns... but you don't need to be focusing on that with me. I know where you are coming from, even if you don't like icing or French toast.

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Not following the marketing herd... life is a series of experiments.I have had a LinkedIn account since 2009. At that time, my main topic was health, wellness, nutrition and fitness. All my online medium reflected that interest and I was very comfortable and confident with my online presence(s). As you know, if you've been following my blog, (and if you haven't been, I trust you will correct that now), I felt there was something missing and I moved to a much bigger and way cooler purpose.... read more.
Are we the same?

As an avid traveler and mover, I think I see the world a bit differently than those who have chosen to stay in the same small town or even big city they grew up in or got married in 25 years ago. I think that this sort of life, although fulfilling for some people, and quite dull for others, does have the tendency to ... read more.

Speaking, Workshops and Mentoring or Consulting

I am a successful life mentor and group consultant, offering several options to help you become the person you wish to be: with purpose, conviction and a plan. With guidance, inspiration and the right tools, a life of balance and grounded happiness can be yours. 

My style of speaking and mentoring can be a bit blunt. It is not my place on this earth to try to make life more palatable for you. I'm a straight-talker. It is what it is. Now, if you don't like what it it is... let's change it.

I'm available to speak anywhere in the world for events large and small, public and private, and from a single presentation to a multi-day workshop.

Are you wondering if you are a fit with my audience or mentoring clients? I'll tell you this; I tend to gravitate towards Nerds and Natural Horsemen. Why? Because these groups tend to have an experience of life that gives them an edge in understanding purpose and its power. Also, when I use the term Epic Fail with fellow nerds, I know we are thinking the same thing... the Fourth Indiana Jones, Jar Jar Binks and orange crocs.  However, I don't tend to speak of epic fails in my keynotes and workshops, it's just fun to know we have that in common.

I have done many types of coaching and mentoring, from relationship and communication to physical fitness to career and lifestyle. My interest has grown into developing purpose and changing perspective. With Purpose and perspective, almost anything is possible. Without them, almost nothing is. My audiences are people who want to be happy and create a lifestyle where happiness is a priority. I have also worked with groups and individuals who either wish to prevent serious disease or come back from it. We can work across a table or across the country, choice is yours.  The key to every endeavor is recognizing or creating purpose and then learning how to live with it each day.

Speaking engagements- I love to travel and would enjoy meeting with your group, sharing the basics of becoming a whole and well person, and help you find your personal happiness and fulfillment. My schedule is in a constant state of change, so best to contact me and we can discuss possible dates.

Personal Mentoring- Sometimes people need a little more than the information. I offer one-on-one face-to-face or long-distance virtual mentoring designed to help you recognize the necessary changes needed to become the person you choose to be.

Workshops- I can meet with a small to medium sized group of people and together we can make a big leap ahead in the process of developing purpose. 

Workbooks- Designed for the do-it-yourself-er, this is a home-study workbook that you can work through from the privacy of your own home.  Not everybody likes to go out and be part of a group. I gotcha covered. And I'm still available for personal mentoring if you need it. 

 If you have questions or want to book me or want to know when I might be in your area, just email me. Be as verbose as you like.

Tips for Hiring a Speaker... Me!

  • Tell me everything you can about the event. Talk to me like I'm your sister and I'm going to help you out. What is happening before and after my scheduled slot? Will there be food before, during or after? Is there a bar? Is this at a hotel or convention center where other events might be scheduled at the same time? Is this the first event of its kind? If not, tell me what sort of speakers or storytellers you have had in the past and how they were received by this same audience.

  • Have a really good idea of what role I'll play- on and off stage. What do you need me to do? What would you like me to do? What is the goal of the event? Who is the audience? How long a program is this? Do you need a workshop? Keynote? Long intimate conversation between myself and a couple hundred people? I love drafts and would be happy to help you get creative and think about all sorts of possibilities. Do you want me to:           ~Entertain            ~Inform          ~ Inspire                        ~Create Awareness  and Growth              ~Fuel Change                        ~Motivate                        ~Educate


  • Let me know what it was about my page or bio that peeked your interest and made you think I might be perfect for your event. If I know this, then I know in which direction our process can move. I can tell you how I can best bring out those attributes. 

  • Help me contact a few people that you know will be in attendance. I'll email them and possibly speak to them in person before I go on. This is a great way for me to get a good feel for audience and help bring them into the conversation.

  • Tell me what is provided with lighting and sound. I can make just about anything work, so this is just as a heads up.

  • Let's make sure we have a great connection and I fit your group's needs and personality. 

  • And provide good bakery.
My purpose here today...

As you probably know, I spent a great deal of my life in the field of health and wellness. Finding advice on health topics is pretty easy. It's everywhere. I have been hearing it for 40 years. So, finding the advice is not the problem. Knowing which advice is actually valuable is the key to the rest of your life. Some of the advice you can just intuitively feel is garbage, especially after you have been doing this for nearly 30 years.   read more.

Don't take it personally...
When I was younger, I think I was fairly typical in my ability to be offended, or my inability to separate fact from opinion. I could hear something or see something and I could be instantaneously annoyed and personally affronted. It was some years later before I realized that I was not personally involved with most things that were happening or being said. read more.
If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you'll be unhappy for the rest of your life. ~ Abraham H Maslow

Making Peace With Your Resolutions

I rarely go out or celebrate with friends, but I still love this holiday. Why?
Because it is a time when so many people are thinking about their future. Making plans. Imagining themselves but better and happier. They are giving thought to what they can do, actions they can take to achieve their newly formed goals.